Ji Anlived at the time of Emperor Wudi of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D.24). He was respected for being upright and just and for daring to speak the truth. He did not bother about amall matters in personal behaviour and in being an official. He was particular about actual effects and ,although he did not cause a stir ,he could keep the prefecture he governed in perfect order. Because of this. the imperial court transferred him to the central from being the perfect of the Donghai Prefecture to being a commander in charge of the appointment and dismissal of the local officals.


        Once,Emperor Wudi said that he would implement the policy of benevolence and justice of Confucianism and would do good turns to the people.Emperor Wudi Had hardly finished his remards when Ji An said that there was no need for the emperor to say so.Why should the emperor bother,Ji An said, about pretending to implement the policy of benevolence and justice since he was so greedy and avaricious within himself? This choked the emperor off. The emperor suddenly Changed his countenance and declared the meeting over. All the civilian and military officers at court were breathless with anxiety for fear that Ji An might bring disaster upon himself because of this. After returning, Emperor Wudi said to the people around him that Ji An was a little too rude and too straightforward.


        For this reason ,Ji An was never promoted again. When he was the commander in charge of the appointment and dismissal of the local officials, both Gongsun Hong and Zhang Tang were low -ranking lfficials of little importance. Later ,they were promoted continuously. Gongsun Hong became the prime minister and Zhang Tang became the imperial censor. However, JiAn's post remained thesame. One day, Ji An said to Emperor Wudi that the way the emperor used his ministers was just like piling up firewood, which meant that the latecomers surpassed the old-timers. Of course, Emperor Wudi could see that Ji An was complaining. So,turning to his ministers, Emperor Wudi said, "It is true that no one can stop learning.You see, Ji An is making more and more indiscreet remarks."



        In Qin dynasty, there was a powerful and evil counselor named Zhao Gao。


        Zhao Gao wanted to rebel, but he didn't know how many people in the court would stand by his side。


        So he worked out a way to test the people。


        He presented a deer as a tribute to the emperor in front of the court, and said that it was a swift horse。


        The emperor not accepting his statement said, "This is obviously a deer."


        Then, Zhao Gao took this opportunity to ask the court, "Is this a deer or a horse?"


        In the court, those who didn't dare to go against Zhao Gao agreed with him and said that it was a horse, those who dared to go against Zhao Gao said that it was a deer。


        Later, Zhao Gao remembered the counselors who didn't agree with him and persecuted them to solidify his power。


        This story is still popular even today. People use this idiom to describe someone who calls white black。



        A farmer in the state of Song once got a piece of stone with jade init.


        He presented this stone to Prime Minister Zi Han. But Zi Han refused toaccept it. xiaogushi8.com The farmer explained, “It looks like just a stone, butthere is jade inside. It actually is a piece of treasure and suitable forhonorable men like you, not for us common people.”


        “I know there is jade inside,” Zi Han said,” but I disagree with you.xiaogushi8.com I think to have the virtue of declining things that do not belongto oneself is the real treasure. ”





       High mountain running water

       In the spring and autumn period, there is a call BoYa yu, in melody, jean art it is high, at the time of the famous violinist. Yu BoYa young studious, who worship high human division, QinJi reach level, but he always thought that I still can't superb performances of all kinds of things to feel. BoYa teacher know the idea after him, he brought him by boat to the east China sea island of penglai, let he appreciate the natural scenery, listen to the sea waves of sound. Looking BoYa lifted up his eyes and saw waves heave, shock waves splashing; Seabirds flying, chirp object; Mountain forest trees, lush, such as into the wonderland general. A wonderful feeling arises spontaneously, you seem to cough up on the nature of the harmonious beautiful music. He couldn't help but take piano playing, sound turn at will, and the beauty of nature melting into the piano, BoYa experience to an unprecedented level. The teacher told him: "you have learned."

       BoYa night boat tour. Face the breeze and bright moon, his thinking, and he bounces lyre, melodious naturally, began in earnest. Suddenly listen to the shore someone astounding. BoYa heard out of the ship, see a woodcutter stood on the shore, he know this person is a bosom friend right away please the woodcutter aboard, cheerfully to play for him. BoYa pop-up praise to the tune of mountains, the woodcutter said: "that's nice! Grand and solemn, like towering mount tai!" When he play performance pentium surging wave, the woodcutter say again: "that's nice! Broad, as see the dances are rolling, limitless the sea water general!" BoYa excited color, concussion say: "friend! You are my soul mate." The woodcutter's ZhongZi period. From now on two people became good friends.

       Stories from the liezi · ShangWen ". The idiom "high mountain running water", the analogy bosom friend or friend, it can also be used beautiful music.






       My hometown is a picturesque, enjoys place.

       In the village before, is a clear creek, in the sun, like a handful of who and the like gold, sparkled in the sunlight. A not well-known fish in the river cheerily swim to swim, some small fish parade speed fast, than the students of the race at a faster rate! In the village, is a CangCuiYuDi mountain. The mountain, dropping the towering trees, like willo w father-in-law patron saint, protect the safety of the villagers near and far. Dress up like a jasper had planted grass, just like me want to hurry up taller, don't fiddle to try very hard to grow up, let the mountains have a green clothes. In the village, YiGuGu is rich, the price of goods stores and a is wide and long road. As long as a have time, I will run to the store to buy something to eat. After every time I eat, I was always alacrity.

       This is my hometown, a beauty no one can draw got place.

       My hometown rivers, is a good place.

       The mountain of the home is very high, high like chatting in and baiyun shake handshandle. In numerous between high mountains, there is a call jinshan, jinshan feet have a village, called gold mountain village. Gold is rich in fritillaria mountain village, the village every family were planted. Every October, in the village of young, the earth will be carried. Although my father work in the city, but one of the season of fritillary, he will return home to help grandma kind of fritillaria. The second year the April, fritillaria mature, a white fat in the field were lay silent, waiting for the industrious people to gain. If this time you visit to golden hill, will smell something not so good smell of flavor, that is the farmer uncle is carried with sulfur smoked!

       Gold mountain village also processing powder dry. Just machined out of powder dried fruit, can be good. Light is that fragrance will attract people cannot help to taste it. Here produce of powder dry and fine and white and is very popular, it also exported to the county and other counties!

       Let the people of hometown of fritillaria rich, many villagers are made the bridal chamber, buy a car, in the village and also more and more wide, the original rugged JiGengLu into now is wide and flat by cement. In addition, the hometown of the environmental health is also more and more good day, go home, by the roadside can clean.

       I think the hometown of the future will be more beautiful!












       Peaches and Plums Do Not Have to Talk, Yet the World Beats a Path to Them--Natural Attraction(桃李不言,下自成蹊)

        Duing the Western Han Dynasty(206 B.C.- A.D.24)Period, there was a very famous general whose name was Li Guang. He was very brave and skillful in battle, and had fought more than seventy battles with the Huns, an ancient nationality in China.Having made brilliant achievements in war, he was deeply loved and esteemed by the officers and men as well as the common people. However,he did not claim credit for himself and become arrogant,although he held a high post,commanding a big army,and had rendered outstanding service in defending the county. He was not only polite and amiable, but also shared weal and woe with the soldiers. He always had the troops under his commandat heart,and whenever gifts were bestowed to him by the imperial ,he distributed the gifts to his officers and men. When marching, he endured the torments of hunger and thirst as the soldiers did when food and water were in short supply. When fighting, he charged at the head of his men,and ,when he gave the order,every soldier advanced bravely to engage in fighting,not fearing death.

        When the sad news of the heath of General Li Guang reached the militaty camp,the officers and men of the whole army wept bitterly.







       A farmer in the state of Song once got a piece of stone with jade in it.


       He presented this stone to Prime Minister Zi Han. But Zi Han refused to accept it. xiaogushi8 The farmer explained, “It looks like just a stone, but there is jade inside. It actually is a piece of treasure and suitable for honorable men like you, not for us mon people.”


       “I know there is jade inside,” Zi Han said,” but I disagree with you. xiaogushi8 I think to have the virtue of declining things that do not belong to oneself is the real treasure. ”



       A famous doctor, Bian Que, after seeing Duke Huan of the state of Cai, told him that his illness had intruded into his skin and he needed to be treated immediately.


       But the Duke felt he was in good health and thought that Bian Que just wanted to take credit, so he ignored him.


       Ten days later, Bian Que advised the Duke to take treatments when the illness was only ion the flesh, but the Duke still had not said anything.


       Another then days had passed before Bian Que told the Duke that his illness had moved to his intestines and stomach. xiaogushi8 But the king still did not believe hi, Another ten days later, when Bian Que saw the Duke, he said nothing and turned around and left.


       Duke Huan sent people to ask for the reason, and Bian Que answered that when the illness was in skin, flesh, intestines and stomach, it could be cured through sticking medicines, fumigating and washing, acupuncture, or taking medicines that can eliminate internal heat, etc. Now the illness was in the bones, it could not be cured any more.


       Five days later, Duke Huan ached all over the body. But at this time, xiaogushi8 Bian Que had already fled to the state of Qin. Before long, the Duke died of his incurable illness.



       Zeng Zi saw Zi Xia and asked him, “Why have you gained weight?”


       Zi Xia said, “I had a victory, that is why I have gained weight.”


       “What victory do you refer to?” Zi Xia said, “When I immerged myself in reading books, xiaogushi8 I revered the principles of the emperors and sages of the past. When I went out, I admired the life of nabodi *** . There was a fight between the two in my mind, and they came out even. So I got emaciated. Now that the principles of the emperors and sages of the past have won victory, my mind has bee more and more peaceful. So I have gained weight.”










       A farm wanted to eat good food every day, but he didn’t like working. He often went to other farmer’s homes. When they ate1, he ate with them, so the farms didn’t like him.


        One day, he saw a hare running down the hill. The hare knocked against2 a tree in his field, broke its neck and fell dead. The farmer was so happy. “Great!” he went to the tree and got the dead hare, and went home with it.


        That day, he ate a lot. He thought that the meat of the hare was very nice. The next day, he put down3 his hoe, and waited by the tree for a second hare to turn up4. He waited all day long, but no hare come at all.



        注释:1. ate 吃。他是eat的过去式,这是一个变化不规则的动词,他的过去分词是:eaten

        2. knock against 碰撞

        例:He walked and thought something, suddenly he knocked against a wall.


        3. put down 放下

        例:Put down the gun. 把枪放下。

        4. turn up 出现

        例:I hope the book I lost will turn up. 我希望丢掉的那本书能再出现。

        turn 构成的短语还有 turn on 打开;turn off 关上;turn down调低;turn in递交等等

       一.刻舟求剑Making His Mark A man from the state of Chu was crossing a river. In the boat, his sword fell into the water. Immediately he made a mark on the boat. "This is where my sword fell off," he said. When the boat stopped moving, he went into the water to look for his sword at the place where he had marked the boat. The boat had moved but the sword had not. Is this not a very foolish way to look for a sword? 战国时,楚国有个人坐船渡江。船到江心,他一不小心。把随身携带的一把宝剑掉落江中。他马上掏出一把小刀,在船舷上刻上一个记号,说:“这是我宝剑落水的地方,所以我要刻上一个记号。” 船靠岸后,那楚人立即从船上刻记号的地方跳下水去捞取掉落的宝剑。捞了半天,仍不见宝剑的影子。其实他又怎么找得到宝剑呢?船继续行驶,而宝剑却不会再移动。像他这样去找剑,真是太愚蠢可笑了。 二 守株待兔Staying by a Stump Waiting for More Hares To Come and Dash Themselves Against It Staying by a Stump Waiting for More Hares To Come and Dash Themselves Against It This story took place more than 2,000 years ago,in the Warring States period(475-221 B.C.).Tradition has it that in the State of Song at that time there was a man who was famous for staying by a stump waiting for more hares to come and dash themselves against it. He was a yong farmer,and his family had been farmers for generations.Year after year and generation after generation, farmers used to sow in spring and harvest in autumn,beginning to work at sunrise and retiring at sunset.In good harvest years,they could only have enough food to eat and enough clothing to wear.If there was a famine due to crop failure,they had to go hungry. This young farmer wanted to improve his life.But he was too lazy and too cowardly.Being lazy and cowardly over everything,he often dreamed of having unexpected blessings. A miracle took place at last. One day in late autumn,when he was ploughing in the field,two groups of people were hunting nearby.As shoutings were rising one after another,scared hares were running desperately.Suddenly,a blind hare dashed itself headlong against the stump of a dead tree in his field and died. That day,he ate his fill. From that day on,he no longer went in for farming again.From morning till night,he stayed by that miraculous stump,waiting for miracles to take place again. This story comes from"The Five Vermin"in The Works of Han Feizi.Later generations often use the set phrase"staying by a stump waiting for more hares to come and dash themselves against it"to show grusting to chance and windfalls or dreaming to reap without sowing.It is also used to show adhering to narrow experiences and not being able to be flexible. 相传在战国时代宋国,有一个农民,日出而作,日入而息.遇到好年景,也不过刚刚吃饱穿暖;一遇灾荒,可就要忍饥挨饿了.他想改善生活,但他太懒,胆子又特小,干什么都是又懒又怕,总想碰到送上门来的意外之财。 奇迹终于发生了。深秋的一天,他正在田里耕地,周围有人在打猎。吆喝之声四处起伏,受惊的小野兽没命的奔跑。突然, 有一只兔子,不偏不倚,一头撞死在他田边的树根上。 当天,他美美地饱餐了一顿。 从此,他便不再种地。一天到晚,守着那神奇的树根,等着奇迹的出现。 成语“守株待兔”,比喻亡想不劳而得,或死守狭隘的经验,不知变通。 "An illusory snake in a goblet" is used to describe the psychological state of being frightened caused by taking illusions as reality. “杯弓蛇影”比喻把虚幻当作真实的恐惧心理。 ------------------------------------------------------- In Jin Dynasty there was a man named Yue Guang who was fond of drinking alcohol. 晋朝有个叫乐(yuè)广的人,爱喝酒。 One day, he invited a friend to his house to drink together. 一天,他邀请朋友到家里来对斟(zhēn)对饮。 Suddenly, his friend saw the reflection of a snack swimming in the goblet. 忽然,朋友看见酒杯里有条蛇影在游动。 He got so much frightened that he took ill on bed after getting home. 他受了惊吓,回去便一病不起。 And neither any doctor or any medicine could cure his illness. 请医服药,都无起色。 Yue Guang came to see him and asked about the cause of his disease. 乐广跑来看他,问明起病的缘由。 When he got to know the cause, he pulled his friend from the bed immdiately and took him to his house. 乐广听后一把拉起朋友往家走。 Yue Guang made his friend sit where he used to, pouring a goblet of alcohol for him, and asked him," Is there any snake reflection in the goblet?" 他让朋友坐在原处,斟满酒问:“有蛇影吗?” There was still a "snake reflection" in the goblet! Yue casually took away the bow hanging on the wall. 杯子里还有“蛇影”!乐广随手取下墙上的弓。 This time, the "snake reflection" disappeared. 这次,“蛇影”不见了! "So it was the bow reflection that was in the goblet!" His friend at once got well from his illness. “杯子里原来是弓影呀!”朋友的病情顿时好了! 天衣无缝 There was a man called Guo Han in the Tang Dynasty(618-907).One summer night, when the moon was very bright he suddenly saw a girl descending slowly from the sky. He observed the girl closely, and found that the dress she was wearing was seamless. He was puzzled, and asked why. The girl answered,"Heavenly clothes are not sewn with needle and thread." This idiom is used metaphorically to indicate the flawless handling of things. It can also be used to indicate a perfectly written poem or other literary article. 唐朝有个人教郭翰。一个夏天的晚上,月光非常明亮,他忽然看见天空中有个女子轻盈而缓慢地飘落下来。他仔细地观察那个女子,发现她身上穿的衣服连一条缝也没有,感到非常奇怪,便问那个女子。女子回答说:“天衣本来就用不着针线缝合的呀!” 这个成语用来比喻处理事情十分周密,不露一点痕迹。也比喻诗文写得很精辟,找不出一点毛病。 一丘之貉 In the Han Dynasty, there was an official called Yang Yun who was both capable and honest. Commenting on the assassination of a king of a small state, he said, “If a king refuses to follow the advice of a wise minister, he will suffer an unitimely death. The emperor of the Qin Dynasty trusted treacherous ministers, and therefore lost his state.” He compared kings and emperors to racoons living on the same mountain. This idiom refers derogatorily to people who are of the same kind. 汉朝时,有个叫杨恽的人,在朝廷做官,廉洁无私,有很有才能。有一次,他听说一个小国王被杀死,就发表议论说:“君王不采纳贤臣的计策,就会得到这种下场。秦朝皇帝宠信奸臣,所以亡国;如果重用贤臣,他的国家就不会灭亡了。”他最后总结说,古今的帝王都不过是一个山丘上的貉而已。 这个成语比喻某些人彼此相同,或者都是坏人。 黔驴技穷 从前,贵州没有驴子,有人从外地带回一头驴子,拴在山下,一只老虎看到了,以为是什么怪物,急忙躲到树林中去头头地瞧。驴子大叫一声,老虎吓了一跳,以为驴子要吃掉自己。时间一长,老虎觉得驴子没有什么恶意,逐渐走近去戏弄它,触犯它。驴子生气了,用蹄子踢老虎。老虎心里想:“你的本领不过就是如此啊!”于是立刻扑过去,一口把它咬死吃掉了。 这个成语比喻仅有的一点本事也用完了,在没有别的办法了。 The Guizhou Donkey Has Exhausted It's Tricks In ancient times there were no donkeys in Guizhou province. Somebody brought a donkey from somewhere and tied it to a tree at the foot of a mountain. A tiger saw the donkey, and thought that it must be a fearsome monster. It hide behind a tree and spied on the donkey. When the donkey brayed, the tiger was frightened, thinking that the donkey was about to devour it. After a while, seeing that the donkey had not moved, the tiger approached it and teased it. The donkey became angry, and kicked the tiger. The tiger thought to itself:"It then all it is capable of?" It then jumped on the donkey and ate it. This idiom is used to mean that one has exhauseted one's skills.